2ndC Compliance Suite Gives You Full Control over Digital Access

With the 2ndC Compliance Suite, it becomes easier than ever to manage employee access to applications and data – from on- to offboarding.

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2ndC Compliance Suite Solves Your Access Challenges Throughout The Period of Employment

2ndC Compliance Suite helps with on- and offboarding

At each new position, the company’s new employee must have access and rights to a number of specific systems, applications and data in the IT infrastructure. The access needs vary across departments, job functions and positions. Without the right tools and overview it can be a jungle to find head and tail in who should have what access.

The SaaS solution 2ndC Compliance Suite delivers business-oriented functionality to manage employees, customers, consultants and partners’ access to all corners of the company’s IT environment. From onboarding, to changing jobs and changing responsibilities to offboarding. Throughout the entire term of employment. Fully automatic.

This means that you can be sure that your access management meets all internal business and HR processes.

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2ndC Compliance Suite Features

Your organization needs quick, effortless and secure access to information and data. This product gives you the full toolbox to ensure that all IT users – whether employees, partners, members or customers – have easy and seamless access to the right systems, applications and data.

User Management with 2ndC Compliance Suite
User Management
Security with 2ndC Compliance Suite
GDPR & Governance with 2ndC Compliance Suite
GDPR and Governance
License management with 2ndC Compliance Suite
License Management

The Compliance Suite also offers other important features and capabilities. Among other things you will find:

Compliance Suite automatically ensures that all IT accesses are in place at the moment a new employee meetings in on his or hers first working day. This enhances the overall productivity of the organization.

Built on a standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, the Compliance Suite is a Software-as-a-Service solution in Azure. The product is future-proof and maximizes the returns for anyone who has already invested in Microsoft technology.

In the Compliance Suite, you control all accesses and licenses from one unified platform. This creates a full, centralized overview of the organization’s IT environment, eliminates time-consuming, manual processes and makes the environment easy to manage.

Stay organized with Compliance Suites manageable dashboards and reporting capabilities that transform the organization’s data into intelligence.

Compliance Suite Organizational Update Board

2ndC Compliance Suite Gives You…

  • Identity Management
  • Access management for all user types: employees, members, customers and partners
  • Automatized workflows
  • Basis for GDPR-compliance
  • Control with the organizations licenses

3 Crucial Questions

2ndC Compliance Suite is a user management solution that protects business critical systems, applications and data. This is done by ensuring that the people who approach the information are authorized to do so. In short, the Compliance Suite gives you answers to the three crucial questions:

Who Has Access to What

Who Has Access to What?

Who should have access to what?

Who should have access to what?

Who should have access to what?

Who should have access to what?

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