Identity and Access Management protects business-critical systems, applications, and data by ensuring that the people who access them are authorized to do so. Thus, 2ndC Compliance Suite minimizes IT risks and ensures a streamlined access experience for employees, customers, and partners. In short:

2ndC Compliance Suite gives you the answers to three critical questions

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With Their Feet on The Ground and IT in The Cloud

In 2012, DLG Denmark decided to modernize its IT platform and move it into the Cloud; the company asked 2ndC to help with the project. The modernization of the digital systems meant phasing out Novell and eDirectory and a transition to Microsoft Cloud technology.

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Sharper security, flexibility, and savings. 2ndC helps your organization to integrate and unify services, so you can make the most of your solutions across all your systems. Our highly specialized consultants are experts in everything from Microsoft Azure, cloud migration, and Microsoft Dynamics to single sign-on solutions and multifactor authentication.

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