Get a dynamic overview of employees,
accesses, assets, and data!

Control access to applications and data from a standardized Microsoft platform.

A Workday Without Obstacles!

A good working day is a working day without digital leg braces. With a secure identity solution, the foundation is laid for your employee to have all licenses, assets and access from the first working day.

Your HR and IAM Are Merging!

The collaboration between HR and IT has never been more important. The better a collaboration that exists between HR and IT, the better the organization will be to fulfill its potential. Similarly, the key to the organization’s future security and effectiveness lies in the integration between the HR and IAM platforms.

2ndC Compliance Suite integrates with all the leading HR platforms in the market.

The Future Is Automated

The basics of an identity management platform are control over – and an overview of – who has access to what, why, and when the access expires. However, with the increasing digitization of processes and data, access allocation and certification are only becoming more complex. The solution is automation, and is not least found in the speed with which you can automate processes from on- to offboarding.

C.C. Jensen used automation and 2ndC Compliance Suite to support their digital transformation.

2ndC Compliance Suite Is The Foundation of Zero Trust

Rising cybercrime has sent companies on alert, and as a natural consequence, investments are being made in security. One example is the adoption of the security paradigm Zero Trust.

When we go from trusting everyone to trusting no one, Compliance Suite becomes a prerequisite for being able to ensure that the company can continue to be productive, without compromising on strict security protocols, compliance and governance.

Standing on The Shoulders
of a Giant

Leveraging an industry standard and technology platform as Microsoft enables us to do more, faster, more secure and with greater possibilities for our customers.

Instead of being another proprietary platform with timely and costly integrations and a complex “reinventing the wheel” methodology we simply opt for Microsoft Cloud Technology. By doing so, we’re provided a solid framework that easily snaps into our customers’ existing infrastructure and method of work.

Thus, making the 2ndC Compliance Suite implementation and adoption both fast and easy on the clients’ organization.

During a Time of Crisis, Kromann Reumert Is Standing on a Solid Foundation of Security and User Management

During the corona crisis, Denmark’s leading law firm, Kromann Reumert, had to ensure that its employees – on a day’s notice – would be able to work as effectively in the home workplace as in the office. No problems.

What’s in the 2ndC Compliance Suite Box?

Your organization needs fast, effortless and secure access to information and data. 2ndC Compliance Suite gives you the full toolbox to ensure that all IT users – whether employees, partners, members or customers – have easy and seamless access to the right systems, applications and data. All using known Microsoft technologies.

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Lack of control over licenses costs companies millions in over-licensing every year. The many excess licenses are due to users with too many accesses or users who are no longer affiliated with the organization. Compliance Suite automates the assignment and revocation of licenses to a user, based on roles and license hierarchies. This means that your users only have the licenses they need - and this saves you money.

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2ndC Compliance Suite is an important part of the defense against cybercriminals. The platform is capable of performing complex SOD (Segregation of Duty), and in a seamless interaction with Microsoft IT security services and with a focus on tight access allocation management, the work becomes harder for those who try to compromise you.

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It can be a complex exercise to form an overview of the IT environment. In Compliance Suite you get OOB Power-BI reports that can help you get an overview of areas such as current and historical accesses, assets, financial expenses, etc. Since all data in Compliance Suite can be exported to Power-BI, you have the option to build your own customized reports that match your specific requirements.

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With manual user management, a wealth of redundant workflows and time-consuming documentation often occur. It results in a loss of efficiency and productivity. 2ndC Compliance Suite automates access allocation, streamlining approval and deployment flows. Documentation of workflows and log of activities in the system comes as standard.

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