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There is no doubt that implementing an Identity & Access Management solution requires both time and money. However, it is an investment that quickly pays off.

Manual user management processes are administratively heavy and virtually impossible to audit properly. In addition, they are expensive, time-consuming and often flawed. The more users the organization has, the more costs is associated with identity and access management.

2ndC Compliance Suite automates slow, flawed, manual processes. This enhances the organization’s security, productivity and compliance – and not least its ROI.

Automation is the key to a high ROI

According to international research firm Forrester, automation is the key to a high ROI. Compared to manual processes, automated, cloud-based identity and access management solutions over a 3-year period will result in a ROI of 310% (Source: Forrester Research).

Through automation, 2ndC Compliance Suite can create tangible savings on four overall parameters:

  1. On- and offboarding
  2. The daily user management
  3. Auditing and reporting
  4. Licensing
Yearly savings on on- and offboarding: 11,230 EUR
Yearly savings on brugeradministration: 105,392 EUR
Yearly savings on auditing and reporting: 130,477 EUR
Yearly savings on license costs: 11,230 EUR
Yearly savings on on- and offboarding: 48,340 EUR
Total annual savings: 306,669 EUR
ROI from 2ndC Compliance Suite
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BONUS: In addition to the actual savings – in the form of saved time and money – there are, of course, several other benefits to be gained by implementing  2ndC Compliance Suite. Eg. logging, user and access overview, and automated, streamlined processes.

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