2ndC Compliance Suite Supports GDPR Compliance and Governance

Easily document the organization’s data protection and GDPR-relevant processes.

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Make It Easier to Live Up to The Requirements of The General Data Protection Regulation

The biggest barriers to compliance arise in connection with the creation, maintenance and removal of employees and their access to IT systems and applications. As an organization, it is important to be able to accurately document who has access to sensitive personal data and where the data is stored in the organization.

Overview, monitoring and control of employees and external IT users’ access to systems, applications and data are crucial to meeting the requirements of the Personal Data Regulation.

Documantation Is Key to Governance

With the 2ndC Compliance Suite, you can be absolutely sure that no one can access sensitive data without proper authorization. All person-related actions in your systems are logged, making it significantly easier to document who is registered in the company’s applications and why, when and by whom they were created.

In the Compliance Suite, you can document all business processes and process steps relevant to GDPR compliance. Detailed registration options make it easy to document which processes are used by the organization to process personal data and in which applications and IT systems the data is stored.

This will significantly strengthen your ability to achieve compliance and will make it easier to comply with both internal and external audits.

Governance with 2ndC Compliance Suite

Simplify The Work With Access and Governance

In order to comply with regulatory requirements, it is essential that you have control over governance in relation to digital access. Governance related to user and access management enables you to safely manage employees and their access to applications and data.

When the proper governance procedures are in place, it will be easy for you to manage employees’ access to the organization’s technological and digital assets and, at the same time, keep potential compliance and security risks at bay. It can actually be automated.

Compliance Suite ensures that only the right people have access to the right resources at the right time for the right reasons. It not only enhances the productivity of the business but also strengthens the transparency, documentation and protection of important business resources.


2ndC Compliance Suite’s Future-Proof GDPR & Governance Features

Compliance Suite will enhance your documentation work with several powerful features:

Compliance Suite lets you record all procedures and events relevant to GDPR compliance from a clear and easy-to-use interface. You can document organizational processes and log each time relevant events occur.

In Compliance Suite, you can register and classify all of the organization’s applications that process personal data. It gives you a complete overview of where data is recorded, stored and processed in the organization.

2ndC Compliance Suite ensures full governance and overview of user identities, rights and access across IT environments. Role-based access allocation automatically ensures that the digital access in your IT environment lives up to your organization’s access policies.

In order to achieve compliance with GDPR, it is necessary to document all data that is collected, stored and processed by the organization. To do that, you need to know where to look. Compliance Suite helps you map and classify the types of personal data you process and in which systems and applications these are stored.

Compliance Suite logs all person-related actions across the organization’s applications and systems. Interactive dashboards help you establish the necessary overview and document your GDPR & governance efforts.

Compliance Suite provides you with built-in workflows for access requests, onboarding, job switching and offboarding. An automated authorization flow ensures that all access to sensitive data is continuously verified.