Security With 2ndC Compliance Suite

2ndC Compliance Suite lays the foundation for your company’s security and protects what matters most: user identities, applications and data.

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Data Leaks May Be Due to Redundant Access

Do you know who has access to your organization’s data? You should. In today’s threat landscape, it is crucial to have that knowledge. User identities have long been a favorite destination for hackers. If you can hack a user profile, you will gain access to a true gold mine of organizational data.

This is because most employees, over time, will accumulate an ocean of unnecessary access rights. And unless you have strict access control in the organization, restricting cybercriminals’ access to sensitive data can be an almost impossible task.

Security with 2ndC Compliance Suite

Protect Yourself From Data Leaks With 2ndC Compliance Suite

2ndC Compliance Suite makes it easy to define and enforce your organization’s access policy through automated role-based access processes. You can rest assured that no employees will have more access to applications and data than they need to fulfil their job responsibilities. When an employee quits or moves to another job within the organization, 2ndC Compliance Suite automatically revokes access to IT resources as soon as the need for them no longer exists.

This is the best way to protect your organization’s user identities and data. Everyone with access to IT systems is automatically identified and verified, and 2ndC Compliance Suite gives you a complete overview of who in the organization has – or has had – access to which data.


2ndC Compliance Suite’s Cutting-Edge Security Features

Compliance Suite also offers other important features and options to enhance your security. Among other things, you will find:

Compliance Suite’s automated authentication and reauthorization flows actively protect your organization from unauthorized access. Set up authentication on all application accesses and reauthorize access up to multiple fixed dates annually.

If you do not know who has access to what, there will be blind spots in your security systems. Compliance Suite reduces the number of vulnerable points of attack by eliminating the allocation of unnecessary access rights to staff. It reduces the organization’s risk of experiencing a successful hacker attack.

As part of an effective security defense, user profiles must be deactivated as soon as the employee leaves the company. Compliance Suite instantly deactivates the profile and removes all IT access.

Automatically assign the correct access rights and assign IT users to the right groups using Compliance Suite’s role- and rights-based access policies.