2ndC Compliance Suite Streamlines Your User Management

Create, manage and deactivate IT users and access the entire organization’s IT platform – from one unified platform.

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Automate Your User Management Processes

It is crucial for the organization’s productivity that it has established accurate, efficient and secure user management processes. This applies to onboarding, reboarding and offboarding. Proper onboarding processes are the key to ensuring the productivity of new employees, while offboarding is about limiting risks to the organization.
In the 2ndC Compliance Suite, all the processes are automated. It can save your organization up to 75% of the time normally spent on onboarding, ongoing user fixes and offboarding.

User Management with 2ndC Compliance Suite
2ndC Compliance Suite optimizes your on-
and offboarding processes with 75 %

You Get The Following:

  • Quick and easy access rights allocation
  • All personal and access information gathered in one place
  • A full history of all person- and access-related activities
  • Certainty that the right people always receive the correct access privileges.
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User Management with 2ndC Compliance Suite

2ndC Compliance Suite’s Central User Management Features

Compliance Suite also offers other important features and possibilities for streamlining your user management. Among other things, you will find:

All user- and access-related processes are automated in Compliance Suite. When a new employee is hired, he or she will be created in Compliance Suite and the right accesses will be selected from a user-friendly menu. Access can also be added automatically through Compliance Suite’s role- and rights-based access processes. As soon as a user is deactivated in Compliance Suite, all access rights will automatically be disabled, and the user profile terminated.

Compliance Suite gives you centralized control of all IT users, access rights, groups, applications and licenses from one unified platform. It provides the necessary overview to easily ensure that all user-related activities comply with the organization’s processes.

Compliance Suite ensures that all new employees have Day One Access to the right systems, applications and data. All access rights are enabled on the first working day, and the employee can begin his new work role immediately. Instant access to IT systems and applications is a crucial part of enhancing your organization’s productivity.

Compliance Suite provides a wide range of clear and interactive dashboards that give you a complete overview of all the organization’s IT users and the status of on- and offboarding processes. This makes it easy to keep track of all ongoing processes related to user management.