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Book a free, no-obligation demo of the 2ndC Compliance Suite and discover how we specifically can help your organization streamline business processes and manage employee access to IT systems and resources. In fact, with the help of 2ndC Compliance Suite, you can save your organization up to 75 percent of the time normally spent on onboarding, ongoing user fixes, and offboarding.

The demo is based on your needs, but covers:

  • How to easily and automatically manage access to your IT systems.
  • How to create good and safe onboarding and offboarding processes of your employees – even in situations where the organization is developing rapidly.
  • How to automate manual processes and create significant bottom line savings.
  • How to improve your documentation work and thereby strengthen your compliance and governance efforts.

The demo lasts 30 minutes and takes place on Microsoft Teams, where you will meet Martin from 2ndC – when ever it suits you. Fill out the form and book an appointment in his calendar immediately.

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Download demo video of 2ndC Compliance Suite

Do you want to see how it works? Download the demo video or book a demo today!