About 2ndC

At 2ndC, we help companies and organizations to protect and administer employees’, members’, customers’ and partners’ sensitive personal information — throughout the entire user lifecycle. For more than 20 years, we have been working with identity security and Identity and Access Management. Throughout that time, we have helped countless private- and public-sector businesses take charge of Identity and Access Management, ensuring that the right people can securely and easily gain access to the right systems, applications, and data.

Our solution ensures quick, effortless, and secure access to information for your organization.

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Since 2003, we have been working closely with Microsoft. We continually develop and extend Microsoft’s Cloud technologies to benefit our customers. For this reason, our 2ndC Compliance Suite solution is also built on a standardized Microsoft platform. This makes our solution one of the most profitable, flexible, user-friendly solutions on the market.

2ndC is a certified Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, Gold Cloud Productivity Partner, and Silver Enterprise Mobility Management Partner. In addition, we are an official Microsoft GDPR Partner. Over the years, we have been nominated for an extensive list of Microsoft Partner Awards, and we have won five times. Most recently, we won Digital Transformation Partner of the Year — Transforming Products.

Innovative Specialists

2ndC has existed since 1990. Since then, we have continually renewed, expanded, and reinvented our services and solutions. This makes us one of the sharpest, most innovative software producers on the Danish market. We create solutions that give our customers unique, tangible value, and we work hard to help them make their businesses as efficient as possible.

We can help your business create even better results. Using the right security technologies — in the cloud.

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We gather — and hang onto — the strongest talent we can find. This means that today, 2ndC comprises a group of highly specialized employees, ensuring that every aspect of our work is of the very highest quality.

Any organization’s greatest asset is the people it’s made up of. We know and cherish this. Our informal tone, flat hierarchy, and strong focus on community have enabled us to create a culture and workplace in which our employees thrive, and where they stay for many years. We strongly emphasize a healthy work-life balance. Precisely because we take our business so seriously.

A Special Tradition

At 2ndC, we have a special tradition every year, at Christmas time. We don’t exchange Christmas presents — there are no presents for employees, for partners, or for customers. Instead, 2ndC’s employees collectively choose a charity to donate 25,000 DKK to. We have done so since 1994, and we continue to do this today.

In 2019, we decided to make our donation to Landsforeningen Autisme. The society works toward the to spread awareness of autism and the understanding of the difficulties caused by the developmental disorder.

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