Atea Chooses Identity and Access Management Platform by 2ndC

Atea has chosen 2ndC’s Identity and Access Management platform Compliance Suite to handle the organization’s User Lifecycle Management. The choice is an integrated part of Atea’s compliance program.

A long-term strategic goal for Atea has been to streamline business processes, a task that has taken a lot of resources and dedication. The organization has been busy establishing and initiating a compliance program of the highest international standard. A challenge that has been successfully completed.

The compliance effort did not become any less complex, or time consuming, with the enactment of the EU General Data Protection Regulations. It has been a demanding task for Atea to ensure correct data-management and user access to that data and the connected applications. Especially systems and applications containing PII-data is a top priority when it comes to privileged access.  As a part of their collected compliance efforts Atea has chosen to increase their focus on Identity and Access Management.

A Focus On Compliance Means User Management Becomes A Greater Priority

With more than 7.000 employees, Atea is a sizable organization. That means that Atea has some specific technological challenges, which quickly results in heavy organizational administrative processes. On top of strict compliance demands these processes can quickly inhibit or limit business efficiency.

“Monitoring and control is important parts of our collected compliance program. This applies to our organizational procedures and most definitely to our IT infrastructure as well,” says Christian Bølling, Director of Infrastructure Technology at Atea Denmark.

A specific business challenge in Atea’s aspiration to maintain compliance is to administrate the many employees within the infrastructure. It is necessary to ensure that the employees’ accesses to data and systems meets the organizational needs while at the same time complying with the organization’s strict security and compliance demands.

“Many employees and a multitude of systems and data makes it difficult for the business – not to mention the IT department – to ensure that all User and Access Management Processes meets the demands and the defined internal processes. We had a clear need to further automate our processes and to log user related events in our IT systems. This is necessary to document that we are meeting the compliance demands,” says Christian Bølling.

Therefore, Atea had to thoroughly consider how the organization could maintain efficiency while at the same time meeting all compliance demands. To sustain that balance Atea chose to give Identity and Access Management a higher priority across the organization. That’s when Atea turned to 2ndC Compliance Suite to meet and handle the challenges without losing out on either.

A Business-Oriented Compliance Platform

The choice of Compliance Suite was a step towards modernizing Atea’s approach to User Management. An IT initiative with clear business strategic purposes. A rise in cloud applications, the increasing importance of big data and a business need to frequently implement new applications, put a continuous strain on the IT department.

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