Automation, control and security are the building blocks of digitalization

C.C. Jensen uses automation of processes, centralized control and tightened security measures to support the ongoing digitalization of the organization.

C.C. Jensen has a leading position in the international market for oil filtration systems. Maintaining that position requires an ability to move with the times. This involves daring to go digital.

Now, C.C. Jensen has gradually started to increase its digital efforts. This has led to new initiatives across the organization, from implementing physical robotics in production to Robotic Process Automation in the business. To support the digital initiative, C.C. Jensen has chosen to implement the 2ndC Compliance Suite.

Centralized control creates better overview

As the level of digitalization increases, so does the complexity of the IT set-up of the organization. This increases the need for centralized control.
“We have slowly started to increase the digitalization of the company, so it’s vital that we get our workflows right. Our systems need to talk to each other so that our processes run as smoothly as possible. The more digital we become, the greater our need for overview and overall control,” says Brian Smidt, Head of IT at C.C. Jensen.

Integration between the 2ndC Compliance Suite user management platform and other core business systems provides a more detailed overview across the IT environment.

“We have a better overview than we had before. We know which groups our employees are members of, and with the integration between 2ndC Compliance Suite and Microsoft Intune, we now know exactly which employees have been issued which IT tools,” says Brian Smidt. “It is of great value to us that the platform can easily talk to our other systems, so we can gather all our knowledge about users in a single place.”

Maintains agility in a volatile market

Like all other companies in the construction industry, MT Højgaard is project-driven, and thus dependent on being able to adapt the organization to a changing market.

”Construction projects vary in nature and size. Therefore, it is crucial that we can, for example, scale the workforce up and down as needed. It is impossible to implement this safely and efficiently without the right technological support. The Compliance Suite helps ensure that we can continuously restructure when circumstances require it and maintain the agility of our organizational set-up and of our IT infrastructure,” explains Carsten Bo Jacobsen.

Compliance Suite enables MT Højgaard to onboard and offboard large groups of employees when circumstances require it. It involves the automatic creation and removal of employee access to company IT systems, applications, and data.

Automated processes save time

In addition, 2ndC Compliance Suite has limited the time required by C.C. Jensen’s IT department on user creations and access assignments.

“I definitely have more time since we implemented 2ndC Compliance Suite. So many processes run automatically now that the time I spend onboarding and offboarding employees in our systems is minimal,” says Claus Jon Steinhaugen, IT supporter at C.C. Jensen.

“Since the implementation, we’ve also seen fewer support cases where people are contacting us because they lack access to systems and applications,” he adds.

The plan is for 2ndC Compliance Suite to be more firmly embedded in other C.C. Jensen departments, so that the responsibility for user creations and access will eventually be placed somewhere other than the IT department.

“We want to bring in HR, so ideally, the IT department doesn’t have to deal with the creation of new employees. The potential is huge, and with integration between 2ndC Compliance Suite and our HR system, it’s practically just a click in one system. In general, it makes a lot of sense that all onboarding and offboarding tasks are gathered in the HR department – including the handling of digital access – so that we can concentrate on other tasks in the IT department,” says Claus Jon Steinhaugen.

Significant improvement in security

Before CC Jensen automated the processes for onboarding and offboarding employees into the organization’s IT systems, it was a challenge to maintain an overview of the workforce and the IT environment. It was difficult to document who had access to what and who had what rights in the systems. In addition, responsibility for the processes, including how and when employees’ user profiles were closed down once their employment with C.C. Jensen ceased, were not clearly distributed.

”We had a particular challenge with employees who had not been employed for long periods of time still appearing in our systems,” says Brian Smidt. ”People who had not worked in C.C. Jensen for six months, could in some cases have access to our data because we did not have the prerequisites to properly shut down the accesses. 2ndC Compliance Suite automates the processes, and the user profile is automatically off-loaded from our systems once an employee leaves their position. It gives extra peace of mind to know that nothing is going to slip through that could jeopardize our security.”

Creating new employees with a copy of the access and rights of existing employees was also a common practice in the past at C.C. Jensen. This was another factor that hampered the IT department’s overview of the systems, and a significant security challenge.

”Before, too many people in our organization had too many unnecessary accesses and too many permissions in our systems. Now the access allocation is role-based, and we can be sure that employees only get the access and rights that fit their job description,” points out Brian Smidt.

About C.C. Jensen

C.C. Jensen is a family-owned international company, established in 1953 and headquartered in Denmark. They are known worldwide for producing products of the highest quality. Their CJC® Oil Filtration Filters and CJC® Filter Inserts are available through a global network of 11 subsidiaries, one sales office, three affiliates, one joint venture partner and over 40 agents. C.C. Jensen has 284 employees.

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