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Your organization needs rapid, effortless, and secure access to information. 2ndC Compliance Suite makes it easy to administer your employees’ access throughout their lifecycles. With streamlined and automated access provisioning, you can be sure that your employees have the right access to IT systems and applications. And, of course, that nobody has access they shouldn’t have.

By replacing slow, error-prone, manual processes with automated access provisioning and self-service, you can bolster your organization’s security, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

2ndC Compliance Suite is developed on a standardized Microsoft platform that can be customized for any use case and scaled for complex, constantly developing IT environments.



Ensure Everyone Has The Right Access Level

2ndC Compliance Suite makes it easy to implement and enforce your access policy so that no employee can access more systems or gain more rights than they need. Using Compliance Suite’s automated approval and reauthorization flow, you’ll be actively protecting your organization against unauthorized access.

Protect Yourself From Data Leaks and Revoke Access

Each time an employee leaves your organization or changes positions, you risk losing data. To put a decisive end to this, you need to implement an efficient, automated process to revoke access to data and IT resources when the need for that access ends. 2ndC Compliance Suite revokes access immediately when it expires or as soon as requested.



Manage All Your Access and GDPR-Related Processes

The greatest barriers to GDPR compliance are those associated with creating, maintaining, and removing employees and their access to IT systems and applications. 2ndC Compliance Suite automates the processes associated with access administration without compromising existing rules, guidelines, and laws. At the same time, you’ll gain a complete overview of your organizational processes that handle personal data.

Get a Comprehensive Log of Person-Related Events

Documentation of who is registered in your business’s systems and applications, as well as why, when, and by whom, is required for GDPR compliance. 2ndC Compliance Suite logs all person-related events in your IT infrastructure, and quickly generates reports that let you document your organization’s compliance for audit purposes.



Get Access in Place on Day One

With automated access management, you can ensure that all access to IT resources is ensured and in place as soon as your new employees show up for their first day of work. 2ndC Compliance Suite increases employee satisfaction and eliminates productivity losses arising from long, expensive waiting periods.

Reduces Administrative Overhead

2ndC Compliance Suite reduces the administrative burden on your IT department and help desk employees. With automated access provisioning and central self-service features, time-consuming manual processes are limited, so your IT department has more time for its core tasks.

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Sharpen Your Business — Strengthen Identity Security

A standardized platform for dealing with identities and access is critical to your business’s security, compliance, and efficiency. 2ndC Compliance Suite optimizes your organization’s User and Access Management work, ensuring that you adhere to the letter of the law.

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Effective Logging and Reporting Make for Peace of Mind – and Confidence

60,000 documents and an obsolete management system. A solution composed of system silos that cannot communicate with each other. And technology growing wild, fragmented and without transparency. That was the situation at Sund & Bælt when IT boss Peter Hedevang Christensen turned to Microsoft for help in modernizing the organization’s IT systems.