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2ndC Compliance Suite is your guarantee that the right people will have access to the right data and systems. The company will have full control over personal data from onboarding to offboarding. To automated access control and the ability to manage routine tasks linked to User Lifecycle Management. Both out in the shop – and away from it.

The days are over when the IT department would lose precious working hours because of time wasted on routine tasks. Tasks, which could be easily be done by other departments. 2ndC Compliance Suite streamlines access control. The system gives the relevant employees the ability to control user setup and maintenance via an easy, intuitive tool. The solution automatically controls the process of allocation of roles and rights to the company systems, software, and data. At the same time, there is complete logging of changes so that compliance with regulations and laws is ensured. User-friendly dashboards give a full view of users’ access rights, roles, and pending approvals.

Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 356

2ndC Compliance Suite is an add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Therefore, it will be able to integrate management of users seamlessly with existing business functions. Ease of use will increase, maintenance costs will be drastically reduced. At the same time resources in the IT department will be freed up for important development projects. The solution can be scaled as needed and can be accessed any time and anywhere.

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Increased Safety, Greater Efficiency, and Full Compliance

Finding the right balance between security, legal compliance, resource consumption and efficiency can be a major challenge for businesses and organizations. 2ndC Compliance Suite gives you full control over your security, risks, and compliance. All this without reducing your company’s efficiency.

Improve Company IT Security and Guard Against IT Risk Factors

In spite of the fact that many enterprises focus on external IT risks, the biggest threat, in practice, is on the internal front. Lack of user access is a massive challenge for both the business and IT security. The same applies for employees who wrongly have access to systems and data. The inadequate control of access and permissions may cause employees to bypass approved systems. Instead, they seek to find their own solutions around the IT department and without critical vetting. The result will be shadow IT systems, a serious threat which may lead to loss of data, malware infection and data breaches. This is precisely because these shadow systems are invisible to the IT department and thus outside of company control. 2ndC Compliance Suite will get a grip on these risk factors. Automated access allocation and a full overview of users’ rights and access permissions will protect you against the accumulation of personal data.  The solution will ensure that the right users – and only the right ones – will have access to the right data.

Get a More Flexible Financial Situation and Lighten the Cost Burden

Outdated IT systems are an obstacle to growth. If the business is locked into an inflexible system, it will never achieve its full potential. An IT department that is using its time on routine tasks related to Identity and access management will end up as an organizational bottleneck. This limits the entire company’s workflow. 2ndC Compliance Suite makes it easy to bring efficiency to your company. The IT department will have more time for its core jobs and will get away from doing complicated maintenance, cleanup, and support. User Lifecycle Management will be a flexible and intuitive process that can be carried out by central employees in the company. The solution can easily be scaled up and down as needed. It also has a fixed start-up cost and monthly payment per user, so you know exactly what the company has to pay every month.

Achieve Compliance With Current Legislation Easily and Simply

The greatest challenge in living up to EU’s Personal Data Regulation occurs in connection with the creation, maintenance or deletion of users and their access to internal systems and working groups. Documentation of who is registered in your systems and why and when and by whom they were registered is a prerequisite for legal compliance. Unauthorised access to personal data must be prevented. A full overview of internal accesses must be ensured, and the processes for the protection of personal data must be carefully documented. All these requirements can be a serious technical and financial challenge for the company. With 2ndC Compliance Suite, Identity Access Management is simple and inexpensive. The processes for allocation and maintenance of access can be automated without compromising existing rules, guidelines, and laws. You will receive a complete log of data processes in all systems and all system changes related to access and rights will be recorded.

Compliance Suite in the Sectors


Streamlined processes for Identity Access Management are essential for public organizations. These processes will ensure productivity and cost efficiency in budgets with tight constraints. Automation of time-consuming, manual processes linked to identity and user management and access allocation will free resources from time-consuming administrative work. 2ndC Compliance Suite is a flexible and scalable solution which will provide your organization with an overview of a heterogeneous user group. The solution will also optimize working processes across departments and create significant savings in the administrative budget.

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The work of the financial industry requires highly complex IT environments that are able to manage a large number of user roles. The industry is subject to many restrictions that make high demands on Identity and Access Management. 2ndC Compliance Suite provides a complete overview, control and full compliance with national and international legislation. The solution makes it easy for complex financial organizations – with many central users – to check, simply and automatically, that the correct users have access to the right systems and applications. The solution checks that no one without the proper permissions has access to confidential data as well.


Traditionally, the retail industry is characterized by high employee turnover. That is why it is essential to have an identity and access management solution. Such a solution makes it simple and efficient to control access for users. This could be when they are starting at the company, changing jobs internally or leaving the company. 2ndC Compliance Suites’ Automated User Management means that frequent changes in the workforce will not be a burden for the company. The solution’s flexible and scalable User Lifecycle Management system will free resources and save valuable time and money on administration.


For large manufacturing companies, it is crucial for the bottom line to save on administrative costs. At the same time, customers, partners, and suppliers are asking for effective, automated workflows and access to internal IT systems and working groups. Satisfying these requirements can be a heavy administrative burden for the business. With 2ndC Compliance Suite, it is possible to include, easily and efficiently, both internal and external users in the company’s work. All the while the company retains its overview, control and a high level of security that also can live up to the legal requirements.

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