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In spite of the fact that we are a software development company and spend most of our time developing and refining the 2ndC Compliance Suite, we also offer a range of consulting services. Our skilled consultants are ready to help you put your IT systems on a secure platform in the cloud. Implementation is divided into four manageable steps; you can choose to take them all or just the ones that suit your business needs.

Get safely into the Cloud

Come Safely to the Cloud

We will help you scale the automated management of organization and administration rights and establish an active strategy for the best utilization of the cloud. You will experience how your IT systems can become a cost-effective driving force supporting your company’s growth.

The benefits of the Cloud

Harvest the Benefits of the Cloud

Give your employees the mobility and flexibility they demand. Work from home, from the customer’s site, from the cafe on the corner, or in the train on the way to a meeting. The Cloud means that access to files and systems are no longer limited to the office workspace.

Automate User Access

Automate User Access

The biggest challenges in complying with the GDPR are to be found when creating, deleting or maintaining users and their workgroup access rights. With 2ndC Compliance Suite, you make it possible for your business to manage user setup, maintenance, and access allocation easily and quickly – while complying with all current regulations and laws.

Include stakeholders

Include Customers and Persons Outside the Organization

Bring your customers into the business, thereby improving their relationship and loyalty to your company. It is completely no-risk to do so with 2ndC Compliance Suite. You will be able to easily allow customers or external participants access to relevant documents or to participate in workgroups.

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