Agile solutions for dynamic enterprises. The 2ndC Compliance Suite is a scalable platform that will match the requirements of your business.

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Boost your enterprise with 2ndC Compliance Suite

Boost Your Agility, Efficiency And Compliance With The 2ndC Compliance Suite

Although your organization is complex, managing your employees and digital access should be simple and transparent. Based on our broad range of experience in many different industries, 2ndC has developed a platform that will make your identity and access rights management as smooth as possible.

More and more organizations are betting on the digital world and transforming their businesses. However, digital business initiatives create complex IT environments, and it becomes difficult to ensure that the right people – and only the right ones – have access to the right information across the organization’s entire IT platform.

2ndC Compliance Suite gives you a complete overview of a changing organization and facilitates frictionless management and full control in relation to organizational changes. It becomes easy to manage employee access during their employment and significantly simpler to ensure that the organization has a high level of agility, efficiency and compliance.


Powerful Features Customized for Enterprise Organizations

Compliance Suite has many cutting-edge features specially developed for enterprise-level organizations:

Compliance Suite makes it easier to expand and shrink the IT environment as the organization adapts. The processes of access allocation are automated so that the organization always has the best conditions for productivity.

Compliance Suite centralizes user and access management on one platform, allowing you to quickly assign the right access rights and privileges to employees, regardless of which applications are involved and where the employees are located in the organization.

Compliance Suite gives you an overview and control over IT users and their access rights across the entire group. All person-related events are logged, so you can always document who has access to which data, as well as why, when and by whom they were created.

Through automation, Compliance Suite saves companies and groups thousands of dollars annually. Compliance Suite creates tangible savings in four general areas: on- and offboarding, daily user administration, auditing and reporting, and licensing.

Compliance Suite makes it possible to quickly add and subtract organizational units in the company’s IT systems. This means that it will be easier to realize the potential value of an acquisition and to run an agile organization that adapts to a constantly changing market.

With Compliance Suite, you can be certain that no one will be given more IT access than they need for their position. As soon as the need for access ceases, it will be automatically revoked. All accesses are continuously identified and verified, giving you a complete overview of who has – or has had – access to which data.

2ndC Compliance Suite optimizes the time spent on your user-related activities by 75%.

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To support its ongoing growth, it was crucial for DLG to undergo a digital transformation.  2ndC Compliance Suite helped them to achieve this.

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