CFO Brief: From Financial Gatekeeper to Digital Frontrunner

The CFO role has developed significantly in recent years. Read more about the CFO’s new role in our CFO brief!

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From Financial Gatekeeper to Digital Frontrunner

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From Financial Gatekeeper to Digital Frontrunner

In recent years, the CFO role has developed significantly. The notion of the stereotypical, economic gatekeeper sitting heavily on the coffers is a thing of the past. The modern Chief Financial Officer has a significant responsibility to support and support the business. In most organizations, the CFO has even become the leading strategy equator and a key digital decision maker.

Digitization in particular is an important priority for CFOs today. This is the area that gets the CFOs’ attention – and to a large extent also their investments. According to a survey by Gartner, 82 percent of CFOs say that they want to increase investment in the organization’s digital capabilities, while 70 percent say they want to increase the organization’s investment in information technology.

Of course, this also necessitates solid collaboration across the management aisle. To succeed in digitizing the business, a strong partnership between the CFO and the organization’s CIO is crucial. Ideally, it should be a reciprocal pairing that connects the needs and visions of the business with the concrete, technical aspects of digitization.

Digitization requires an overview

Being a digital driving force requires a strong focus on strategic overview, data (quality) and on supporting information security. This requires the right technology.

In this report, we review how you as a CFO can achieve the overview that makes a difference on the bottom line and creates the best conditions for the continued digitization of the organization.

Once you have finished reading, you will know more about the key challenges facing digitally oriented CFOs as well as how to leverage technology to maintain overview and control in context to digital transformation. In addition, you can read about how Atea utilized technology and automation to create a more cost-effective organization. Finally, we give you our Key Recommendations to navigate successfully through digitization projects as CFO.


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