5 Essential Onboarding Facts You Need to Know

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Fact Sheet: Digital Onboarding

5 Essential Onboarding Facts You Need to Know

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Are You Also Struggling with Digital Onboarding?

Then you are not the only one!

Most organizations have a process for how they introduce newly hired employees to the organization, the culture, and the work tasks. How formalized the process is, and whether it is prioritized at all, is another talk. The main thing is that companies usually have an idea – loose or structured – about how the onboarding of new employees should take place.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with digital onboarding, as most organizations struggle with the discipline. That’s a shame – and it can have noticeable consequences for the organization’s overall productivity and not least the bottom line.

First and foremost, it is a hindrance to the productivity and efficiency of the individual employee. If there is no control over the technical aspects of the onboarding, it will lower the so-called Time to Productivity for the new employee – and this can be both a considerable financial and organizational burden.

In recent years, 2ndC has continuously examined Danish HR professionals and onboarding managers’ handling of digital onboarding and digital access control. The surveys have given us a unique insight into which trends dominate in digital onboarding and what is occupying Danish organizations right now.

We have gathered the insight in a Fact Sheet, which gives you the specific onboarding facts that you will have to deal with to be successful with digital onboarding.

When you have finished reading, you’ll know more about:

  • The statistical onboarding facts that are crucial to the success of digital onboarding
  • What challenges organizations typically face in connection with digital onboarding
  • How an automated Identity & Access Management platform can help you overcome your challenges

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