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Onboarding is the starting point for any new employee’s journey in – and with – a company. And that beginning is important. Successful employees, who are valuable assets to their workplace, are created by good onboarding processes.

If the onboarding does not live up to the new employee’s expectations, there is a significant risk that the employee will quickly choose to go other ways. The statistics speak for themselves: 25% of newly hired employees decide to leave their position within the first year of employment. So there is a frighteningly high risk that the investment in your new employee will never pay off.

But here is the good news: The best way to optimize your processor is to automate your preboarding, onboarding, reboarding, and offboarding.

In fact, it results in a 16% higher retention of new employees once the company has introduced standardized, automated onboarding processes. This is because it increases employee satisfaction significantly.

But how do you get started automating your onboarding processes? We have written an e-book about that!

In the e-book, we guide you to the benefits of automated processes and why you should automate right away. We give you the ultimate checklist for digital onboarding and reveal the 5 concrete tips that will turn manual workflows into automated processes!

Automated processes will create a level of efficiency that quickly shows up on the bottom line. Processes that will help your organization retain talent more easily and for a longer time – and processes that transform new employees into productive employees who quickly become valuable assets for the organization.

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