The Coronavirus Crisis Can Teach You a Thing Or Two About GDPR

Download the guide and get the 7 rules of thumb to help you create an agile work environment – without violating the GDPR.

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The Coronavirus Crisis Can Teach You a Thing Or Two About GDPR

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So – What Can You Learn From the Corona Crisis?

The escalating situation under COVID-19 created a widespread need to let employees work from home. This has created a wave of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and telephone meetings – and suddenly confidential data and personal information were on the dining tables around Denmark. This situation has put data protection to the test because the degree of transparency and control decreases as working conditions change.

The corona crisis set in motion a development that will have a permanent impact on the labor market in Denmark. Every fifth manager expected in a survey conducted by the union Lederne that their workplace will in the future make more use of working from home. An opinion poll conducted by Epinion also showed that a clear majority of office workers want the opportunity for working from home to be made easier in the future.

But during the crisis, many businesses were put in a dilemma. For what is the most important thing in an unforeseen crisis situation – the business’s efficiency and continued operation or compliance with the GDPR rules?

In this guide, we explore exactly why GDPR and business continuity do not have to be opposites.

Key take-aways

Download the guide and learn how to create an agile work environment that does not violate the GDPR. The guide gives you answers to what you can concretely learn from the corona crisis. When you have finished reading, you will know more about:

The most common GDPR challenges associated with working from home

How to support an agile and efficient work environment – without violating the GDPR

What technological initiatives can make it significantly easier for your organization to facilitate a flexible work from home environment.

At 2ndC, we help companies and organizations secure and manage the personal data of employees, members, customers and partners. We have been in the business for more than 20 years, the last 15 years working closely with Microsoft. 2ndC is a Microsoft endorsed GDPR partner.

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