2ndC Compliance Suite

Regain your overview. Strengthen compliance and governance by ensuring the company’s on- and offboarding processes.

2ndC Compliance Suite


Fast implementation provides fast control – implementation in just 5 weeks. Modern organizations can not wait for long coverage and implementation processes. We follow standard best practice courses that ensure fast onboarding and a quick gain in terms of control and compliance.

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Cyber security can go hand in hand with agility and productivity. The modern organization is subject to new strict security requirements, but it does not have to restrict the organization. Automating strict rights protocols gives employees the access they need right away, neither more nor less.

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Compliance Suite helps companies and organizations across all industries. If the company grows, branches are closed down or new ones are added, the accesses change quickly and efficiently with 2ndC Compliance Suite. This saves money, strengthens security and ensures productivity.

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Your organization needs fast, effortless and secure access to information and data. 2ndC Compliance Suite gives you the full toolbox to ensure that all IT users – whether employees, partners, members or customers – have easy and seamless access to the right systems, applications and data. All using known Microsoft technologies.

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Gain control of organizational GDPR and compliance processes from a single module. Match applications, data and systems with personally identifiable data, and create a simple overview of who has had access to this data, when and for what purpose.

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Automation becomes one of the most important parameters for success with your IAM solution. Compliance Suite has +4000 standard connectors available via Azure Marketplace. If your connector is not in the Azure Marketplace, you have the option of using our Custom Connector, which gives you an efficient and simple way to automate against even heavy legacy systems.

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Maximize your investment in Microsoft. Compliance Suite is based on standard Microsoft Cloud technology. Therefore, we integrate seamlessly with existing Microsoft security products and services such as MFA, SSO, Intune and others.

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Create the optimal working conditions with external identities such as customers, suppliers and partners. You can invite them inside with peace of mind. 2ndC Compliance Suite records and manages their entire life cycle, ensuring that they only have access to the tools and areas they need. This creates agility and efficiency with strict compliance and governance.

2ndC Compliance Suite product brief

2ndC Compliance Suite Product Brief

3-pager: Your organization needs rapid, effortless, and secure access to information. Compliance Suite makes it easy to administer your employees’ access throughout their lifecycles.

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