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2ndC Compliance Suite gives you control over the licenses: Get a complete overview and cut the cost of unnecessary licenses easily. Compliance Suite has several features to help you manage your license portfolio:

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In Compliance Suite you get the opportunity to register licensing costs on the organization's applications. This means that you easily and quickly get an overview of what the employees' digital accesses cost you. This makes it easier to control and assess the organization's licensing needs and reduce costly overlicensing.

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With Compliance Suite, your license assignment is role-controlled and automatic. Licenses are assigned based on the employee's role in the organization and are revoked when the employee's position in the organization changes. This makes it easy to maintain an overview and scale the license inventory according to the needs of the organization.

”Compliance Suite has significantly improved our approach to program governance and User Lifecycle Management.”

Limit Unnecessary Licensing With The 2ndC Compliance Suite

Most organizations find that, in some areas, they have more licenses than they need – and that in others they have fewer than they use in practice. An organization has, on average, software costs of DKK 8,033 per employee per year. This means that thousands of dollars are wasted on unnecessary licensing expenses every single year. By implementing automated access management and reporting features, Compliance Suite can reduce your unnecessary licensing expenses by up to 80 per cent.

”The platform has given us an overview and improved our management of employee licenses. This means that so far we have been able to cut 12.5% of our E5 licenses.”

Jim Andersen, Senior System Specialist, Atea Denmark

Lack of an overview of licenses can not only make it difficult to answer questions from the audit. It can also make it difficult to live up to internal and external audits.

2ndC Compliance Suite license management documents your license costs and creates an overview of which licenses you have for which applications. At the same time, you get an overview of how the licenses are distributed to employees, what access they have and what the access rights cost you. With Compliance Suite, you can get the maximum benefit from your license portfolio, and it becomes easy to scale the inventory as needed.

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Overview and improved management of employees’ licenses has had a direct impact on ATEA’s finances.

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With 2ndC Compliance Suite, you get help managing your company’s licenses. Want to see how Compliance Suite works in practice?

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Automated access control and reporting features can reduce the cost of unnecessary licenses by up to 80 percent.

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