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2ndC Compliance Suite streamlines your user management: Create, manage and shut down IT users and access the entire organization’s IT environment – from one single platform. Compliance Suite also offers other, important features and options to streamline your user management. Among other things, you will find:

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Lack of control over licenses costs companies millions in over-licensing every year. The many excess licenses are due to users with too many accesses or users who are no longer affiliated with the organization. Compliance Suite automates the assignment and revocation of licenses to a user, based on roles and license hierarchies. This means that your users only have the licenses they need - and this saves you money.

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2ndC Compliance Suite is an important part of the defense against cybercriminals. The platform is capable of performing complex SOD (Segregation of Duty), and in a seamless interaction with Microsoft IT security services and with a focus on tight access allocation management, the work becomes harder for those who try to compromise you.

Automation, Control and Security Are the Building Blocks of Digitalization

Automate Your User Management Processes

It is crucial for the organization’s productivity that it has established accurate, efficient and secure user management processes. This applies to onboarding, reboarding and offboarding. Proper onboarding processes are the key to ensuring the productivity of new employees, while offboarding is about limiting risks to the organization.

In the 2ndC Compliance Suite, all the processes are automated. It can save your organization up to 75% of the time normally spent on onboarding, ongoing user fixes and offboarding.

“It is of great value to us that the platform can easily talk to our other systems, so we can gather all our knowledge about users in a single place.”

Brian Smidt, CIO, C.C. Jensen

Automated onboarding flows in 2ndC Compliance Suite ensure that employees have instant access to exactly the IT resources they need. If the employee changes job function or position, new accesses are assigned and the old ones are closed down automatically. When the employee one day leaves the organization permanently, all access is removed and his or her IT user is shut down.

You Get The Following:

  • Quick and easy access rights allocation
  • All personal and access information gathered in one place
  • A full history of all person- and access-related activities
  • Certainty that the right people always receive the correct access privileges.

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