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Microsoft Partner 2019

During a Time of Crisis, Kromann Reumert Is Standing on a Solid Foundation of Security and User Management

During the corona crisis, Denmark’s leading law firm, Kromann Reumert, had to ensure that its employees – on a day’s notice – would be able to work as effectively in the home workplace as in the office. No problems.
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Close collaboration between HR and IT lays the foundation for HusCompagniet’s future

A business in explosive growth requires a user and access management platform to maintain business efficiency, ensure compliance, and keep employees happy. HusCompagniet’s IT and HR Departments tackled that task in close collaboration – with the help of 2ndC Compliance Suite.
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Logging And Reporting Make for Peace of Mind

60,000 documents and an outdated management system. A solution that consists of system columns that cannot communicate with each other. And bud-shot technology that appears fragmented and opaque. This was the situation for Sund & Bælt, as IT manager Peter Hedevang Christensen in August 2015 approached Microsoft for help in modernizing the organization’s IT solution.

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